JARS v40n2 - Mervyn Kessel Presented ARS Grant

Mervyn Kessel Presented ARS Grant
August Kehr, Ph.D.
Hendersonville, North Carolina

R. pumilum
From left to right, Cordon Bignall (a director of the Scottish
Rhododendron Society), Peter Cox, Mervyn Kessel,
Edmund A.T. Wright (secretary-treasurer of the
Scottish Rhododendron Society) and Sir Ilay Campbell BT.

A grant of $500 from the ARS Research Foundation was made to Mr. Mervyn Kessell of the Scottish Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society for cataloging the rhododendrons in Scottish Gardens. There are many species of rhododendrons tucked away in these gardens. For example, a specimen of R. lanatoides has already been located, perhaps the only plant of the species in cultivation. It is the purpose of this grant to catalog them, both in lists and in photographs.