JARS v40n2 - American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

'CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION':  'Purple Lace' x R. yakushimanum . Cross (1976) and raised by Fred Peste, Shelton, WA. Named by the Washington State Centennial Commission, described by Sharon Johnston, introduced and registered by Bruce Briggs, Olympia, WA. Flowers 20/truss, c 3" across x 2¼" long, openly funnel-shaped, 5-lobed, wavy margins, very light purple 75C, sparse tan spotting upper lobe, outside deep purplish pink 68A stripes, fragrant. Truss c 6" across x 4" high. Calyx rudimentary. Leaves held 2 years, c 5½" x 2⅛", narrowly elliptic, acute tip, cuneate base, dark yellowish green 139A, under surface moderate yellow green 146C. Plant upright, rounded, semi-dwarf, 22" tall x 25" wide in 8 years from seed, compact well-branched, very floriferous. Photo ARS Journal , Vol. 39, No.3, p143 (1985). Blooms in late April. Hardy to at least 0°F.