JARS v40n3 - In Memoriam: Bill Hodgson

In Memoriam: Bill Hodgson
Horace E. West
Delta, B.C. Canada

Bill Hodgson was a quiet person, who after the monthly meeting could usually be found at the back of the room in earnest conversation with two or three friends. But beneath the retiring exterior was a brilliant mind, a successful business man, and a master craftsman. Above all, he was a gentleman.
Although both Bill and Lil Hodgson were charter members of the Vancouver Chapter, Bill, unlike Lillian, was not a rhododendron enthusiast. He tended a garden filled with rhododendrons and was always present at the chapter meetings. Where ever he saw a need, he sought to answer it. Thus one day he arrived at the monthly meeting with a gavel turned from seasoned rhododendron wood, housed in a velvet lined, polished walnut case, for the use of the chairman. He made a cabinet to hold our library. When large trusses caused the new crystal vases to upset at the annual show, he turned bases for the vases to support them. At the show set up he stood ready to do carpentry work to frame the displays.
January 3rd he turned seventy eight. Four days later he was found to have cancer. February 16th, 1986, he quietly died in his sleep. Bill, we miss you!