JARS v41n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Frank W. Meyer
The Eureka Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is proud to present the Bronze Medal to Frank W. Mayer for his outstanding commitment to the genus Rhododendron . He has given the Eureka Chapter his knowledge, support, and services whenever needed.
Frank has been a major contributor to our annual flower show, sharing with all the beauty of his trusses and providing abundant display. A knowledgeable plantsman and friend to many hybridizers and horticulturists, he along with his wife Betty have graciously opened their home and garden to visitors from throughout the United States as well as abroad.
Having been inspired by his dedication and loyalty to this Chapter and to the Society, this honor is presented to Frank in friendship and with our highest esteem, October 1986.

Peter Sheuchenko
The Middle Atlantic Chapter presents the Bronze Medal to Peter Scheuchenko in recognition of his outstanding support - this quiet and unassuming man has propagated rhododendrons for "The Plants for Members" program for years and has donated from his own plants for the program. He has very generously contributed to our auctions and has freely given plants to new members and others. He willingly shares his extensive knowledge with all who are interested in the genus Rhododendron . He selflessly supports his wife in her involvement with ARS, letting her have the glory and enjoyment of attending meetings while he stays home running the nursery. Although Pete does not push himself forward in the Middle Atlantic Chapter, he does more than his share of furthering its welfare. He is one of our unsung heroes!

George W. Harding
The Middle Atlantic Chapter presents the Bronze Medal to George W. Harding in recognition of his encyclopedic and practical experience which become the foundation for his contribution to Azalea and Rhododendron enthusiasts everywhere. As former Chief of Horticulture for the National Capital Park System, he is recognized as a national authority on these plants. His desire to preserve azaleas by sharing is the primary reason they now are widely grown by so many members in their gardens. We owe a special thanks to George, a man dedicated to giving. He is a true friend to all members, and for a collector, he is truly the impeccable source.

Janet Lindgren
In appreciation of her numerous contributions to the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society - As Editor of the Newsletter, as Chairman of the Early Show and May Show, as judge at Rhododendron Shows, as Chairman and Member of the trophy Committee for several shows, for her helpfulness in the operation of garden shows, as a member of the Board of Directors for many terms, as a worker at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, as Chairman of the Bed and Breakfast Committee.
For all these activities and more - This Chapter is pleased to give its highest Honor and Recognition to Janet Lindgren, by unanimous decision of the Honors Committee, Portland, Oregon - May 1986.

Francis H. Raughley, Jr.
By unanimous accord of the Board of Directors, our Chapter is proud to present its highest honor to Francis Raughley in recognition of his invaluable and enthusiastic service in pursuit of Society activities. Our knowledge of azaleas, rhododendrons and companion plants has been greatly enhanced by his tireless efforts as librarian and book chairman. His meticulous reporting of the Newsletter and contributions to the Chapter's Book project, A Guide for the Hungry Gardener , have further educated members and others with many useful items of garden knowledge. He has also maintained careful records of Society seminars and programs for later dissemination to members.
Francis has also provided invaluable service as President and member of the Board of Directors while at the same time maintaining a broad involvement in committee work and chapter activities, always ready and willing to lend a helping hand.
We are justifiably proud to bestow our medal of honor upon this dedicated member, October, 1986.

Dr. Stuart Holland
It is with a great deal of pleasure that the membership of the Victoria, British Columbia, Chapter chose Dr. Stuart Holland to be its first recipient of the Bronze Medal Award. Dr. Holland has been propagating and growing rhododendrons for the pleasure of Victoria residents for more than thirty five years. He joined the ARS in 1953 and has been an active and enthusiastic member of the Victoria Chapter since its formation.
It is with great respect and appreciation of his friendship and generosity to his fellow members that we make this award, September, 1986.