JARS v41n1 - 1986 ARS Plant Awards

1986 ARS Plant Awards

Superior Plant Award
Not awarded

Award of Excellence
Not awarded

Conditional Award

'Too Bee' ('Patricia' x R. keiskei 'Yaku Fairy') nominated for CA by the Olympic Peninsula Chapter. Breeder and Exhibitor: Warren E. Berg. Plant habit dwarf and compact, 30" wide x 18" tall after 13 years. Leaves 1-3/16" x ", elliptic, green 137A (RHS 1966), non-indumented. Quality of foliage and habit rated 5. Flat-top truss of 3-5 openly-funnel shaped flowers 1" wide x 1" long. Color; base red 52A to bi-color of 52D at lobe. Flower texture, average, quality rating 5. The plant was first described in the ARS Registry, Journal, vol. 37, #4, 1983.

'Mount Clearview' ('Van Nes Sensation' x 'Purple Splendour') nominated for CA by Seattle Chapter. Breeder and Exhibitor: Loyd L. Newcomb. Plant habit upright, well-branched; 10' high x 11' wide after 24 years. Leaves 5" x 2", elliptic (B.1), green 144A, non-indumented. Quality of foliage and habit, 3/4. Dome-shaped truss of 14 openly-funnel shaped flowers, 4" wide x 2" long; color, 78C, throat, 71A of average texture. Quality rating, 4. First described in ARS Registry, Bulletin, vol. 35, #2, 1981.

Eligibility List

Not Too Bee ('Patricia x R. keiskei 'Yaku Fairy') Breeder and Exhibitor: Warren E. Berg, Olympic Peninsula Chapter.

L.E.E.'s W.W.M. [('Wardian Cream' x R. wightii ) x R. macabeanum ) Breeder: Ben Nelson, Exhibitor: Lee E. Entsminger, Seattle Chapter.