JARS 42n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

"Ceda" McCombs
As one of the charter members of the California Chapter you have inspired our membership for many years with your enthusiasm and love of rhododendrons. You have been a faithful member and continuously active participant in all chapter activities including a term as president and many years of board membership. You have generously opened your garden for Chapter and National Convention tours thereby interesting others in the beauty of rhododendrons in a garden setting. You have shared flowers and helped at our shows and faithfully brought trusses to meetings for these past thirty-seven years. You have been unwavering in your friendship and sharing of your knowledge and interest. It is therefore with the deepest of respect and appreciation that we proudly present to you our highest chapter award, the Bronze Medal, on this sixteenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight.

Arthur Whitehair
For your many years of participation in our Chapter activities, including your faithful participation on its board of directors and two years as its president; for the years you organized and capably managed our annual flower shows even to the extent of storing the show materials for us; for your willingness to help the chapter with any detail that needed to be done, for your cheerful sharing of your great knowledge of rhododendrons; for your availability to help not only our organization, but others such as the East Bay Garden Center in promoting interest in rhododendrons; and for your friendship and caring for all the members in our chapter: we proudly present to you with our love and gratitude our highest chapter award, the Bronze Medal, on this sixteenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight.

Richard and Shirley Fullerton
The Board of Directors of Lewis County Chapter ARS is honored to award the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Richard and Shirley Fullerton. We want to express our sincere appreciation to both of you, Rich and Shirley for your years of contribution to the success of this chapter, including the two years served by each of you as President of the Lewis County Chapter ARS. Your participation in society activities, work parties and shows, as well as organizing the "Copper Creek" trips for many years is recognized and very much appreciated.

Peter Schick
For decades of practical, dedicated research including voluminous and continuous correspondence on an international scale concerning the genus Rhododendron , and more specifically the species Vireya . For the development of an extraordinary personal library detailing your work with rhododendrons which you generously and continually share with all those of similar interests, both beginning and advanced enthusiasts, your many friends of the Noyo Chapter, ARS, extend their most grateful appreciation and respect. For your enthusiastic approach and realistic philosophy of acquainting people with ornamental plants, the community of Fort Bragg, California has been a most fortunate beneficiary. The extensive species and hybrid collection of rhododendrons at the local Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, which you serve as a member of the Board of Directors and as an active volunteer worker, gives visible testimony to your untiring dedication. Your constant and energetic leadership in construction projects at the Gardens, as varied as the development of a complete water system, the design and construction of many foot bridges, and the preparation of indoor gardens associated with your chapter's annual Rhododendron Show has earned for you the admiration of your community. For all of the above and much more, your chapter awards you its highest honor, the Bronze Medal, June 1, 1988.

Bob McNulty
The Seattle Rhododendron Society proudly presents its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Bob McNulty for his dedicated service as President of the Seattle Chapter, Board Director, Honors chairman, 1985 Convention administrative co-chairman, show chairman, and participation on numerous other committees. Special recognition is given for his many hours and tireless labor spent on behalf of the Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens. Bob can always be relied on to lend a hand. We acknowledge and thank him.

Frank Dorsey
We present this Bronze Medal in recognition of your many years of outstanding contribution and unselfish sharing of your knowledge; as a collector and propagator of rhododendrons, and other species of flora, and your continuing and enthusiastic leadership, June 16, 1988.