JARS 43n2 - In Memoriam: Phillip Cornell

In Memoriam: Phillip Cornell
Robert Boddy
Fort Bragg, California

Phillip was an active member of the Noyo Chapter, American Rhododendron Society, as well as the Azalea Society of America. He was raised in Fort Bragg where he resided with his wife, Linda. In his younger years he was involved with his parents' azalea nursery, "Cornell Acres", which featured evergreen azaleas.
His primary interest, however, was in plant breeding. Extensive work resulted in many named hybrid azaleas some of which are: 'Anita', 'Cover Girl', 'Noyo Lilac', 'Noyo Pink', 'Noyo Rose', 'Pink Cheer', 'Rene Cornell', 'Southern Lady'. Phillip Cornell's hybrid rhododendrons are: 'Ila May Annenby', 'Uncle Ben', 'John Boy'. In addition to the above rhododendrons, he also produced a remarkable double-flowered variety named in honor of his wife, 'Linda Cornell'.