JARS 43n2 - The New York Chapter Honors Gordon Jones

The New York Chapter Honors Gordon Jones

Gordon Jones honor ceremony
Bud Gehnrich, Past President of the New York Chapter,
ARS,  presents a painting to Gordon Jones of the
rhododendron named after Gordon.
Photo by Jordon Prince

Gordon Jones, Director of Planting Fields Arboretum, has been given the unusual honor of having a beautiful new hybrid rhododendron named for him. The New York Chapter, ARS, wanted to mark Gordon's thirty years of service to Planting Fields with something special. He had already been given the ARS Gold Medal Award (1978). The Chapter turned the annual Member's Reception (February, 1988) into a surprise party for Gordon. He was presented with a framed water-color of 'Gordon Jones' (painting by Martha Prince, dedication calligraphy by Harriet Waldman) and a budded plant of the new hybrid. 'Gordon Jones' is a cross of R. yakushimanum and 'Sappho', combining the best qualities of both parents. There are up to twenty-two large and ruffled white flowers (with a deep burgundy blotch) to a truss. The plant has beautiful leaves and an excellent form. Dick Murcott made the cross in 1977. The plant was raised and selected by Werner Brack. Phil Waldman of Roslyn Nursery is registering and introducing it.

Rhododendron 'Gordon Jones'
Rhododendron 'Gordon Jones'
Photo by Felice Blake