JARS 43n3 - American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry
Jay W Murray
ARS Plant Registrar
Colts Neck, New Jersey

Rhododendron and azalea breeders and growers are encouraged to register the names of plants which they plan to distribute either commercially or privately. Registration ensures that each clone is given a name which is unique, thus avoiding confusion with other clones. A further benefit is that plant descriptions and histories are recorded in permanent files. The information in these records is accessible to anyone who requests it.
The Royal Horticultural Society is the International Registration Authority for rhododendrons. The ARS, serving as North American representative to the RHS, screens names to determine whether they conform to the recommendations published in the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants - 1980, and whether they are available for use. The ARS also prepares registration applications in the form required by the RHS, forwards certificates to registrants, publishes plant names and descriptions, and maintains permanent plant records.
Registrations have been completed for the following North American plants during the period February 15, 1989 through May 15, 1989. Descriptions will be published as a supplement to the Spring 1990 issue of the ARS Journal.

'Adrienne Elizabeth':  Elepidote. ('Mrs. Horace Fogg' x probably 'Loderi'). Registered by Britt M Smith.

'Bonnie Jean':  Elepidote. ('Fred Rose' x 'Matador'). Registered by Britt M Smith.

'Cranberry Swirl':  Elepidote. ('Lem's Cameo' x 'Coronation Day'). Registered by Joe A Davis.

'Fetterhoff Surprise':  Lepidote. ('Laetevirens' x dauricum ). Registered by William Fetterhoff.

'Jean Eleanor':  Elepidote. ('Jingle Bells' x lacteum ). Registered by Britt M Smith.

'Kickoff':  Lepidote. (Delp's pink-flowered minus Carolinianum group x mucronulatum ). Registered by Allan T and Shirley A Anderson.

'Max Fetterhoff':  Elepidote. (white-flowered maximum x 'Mrs. Furnival'). Registered by William Fetterhoff.

'Mrs. Jo Pavlick':  Elepidote. (pink-flowered maximum x 'Kettledrum'). Registered by William Fetterhoff.

'Pink Solace':  Elepidote. [('Charles Dickens' x 'Atrosanguineum') x yakushimanum ]. Registered by William Fetterhoff.

'Pocono Pink':  Evergreen azalea, (parentage unknown). Registered by Nancy Swell.

'Sun Devil':  Elepidote. (parentage unknown). Registered by Dr. Lansing Bulgin.

'Whirligig':  Elepidote. (Gable's curly-leaf maximum selfed). Registered by G David Lewis.