JARS 43n3 - Research Grant Awards - 1989

Research Grant Awards - 1989

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Each spring, the American Rhododendron Society Research Committee evaluates proposals submitted to it and selects those considered most relevant to the interests of the Society and its members. These selections are then presented to the Research Foundation of the ARS for funding. The four proposals selected and funded this year are listed below.
1.  A study of the Southern Chattahoochee Rhododendron minus John Thornton, Franklinton, Louisiana.
2.  Rhododendron Ecophysiology Research Facility at Virginia Polytechnic Institute Erik Nilsen, Department of Biology, VPI & SU, Blacksburg, Virginia.
3.  Evaluation of University of Connecticut rhododendron interspecific hybrids and release of superior individuals to the public through micro-propagation Mark H. Brand, Department of Plant Science, U of C. Storrs, Connecticut.
4.  Sampling the genetic variation in Midwestern rhododendrons Mark Widrlechner, Plant Introduction Station, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.
Research proposals may be made by individual society members or by researchers at universities and colleges. To obtain grant applications write to George Ring III, Chairman, ARS Research Committee, Fairfax, VA.