JARS v44n4 - Gold Medal Award: Frank L. Doleshy

Gold Medal Award: Frank L. Doleshy

Frank Doleshy
Frank Doleshy. On the right as a stand-in for the Gold Medal,
is one of the Doleshys' trophies from Borneo: the natural
hybrid of R. buxifolium x R. rugosum.
Photo Mrs. Doleshy

Your exploration, observation, and photography of Rhododendron habitants in Eastern Asia and Malaysia; your sharing of your findings through published articles, illustrated lectures, and seed distribution; and your efforts in the establishment of a new classification of Japanese Rhododendrons subsection Pontica, are momentous contributions rarely equaled. The officers and members of the American Rhododendron Society are pleased to award its Gold Medal to Frank L. Doleshy, the 2nd day of June, 1990, Hyannis, Massachusetts.