JARS v44n4 - Plant Award List

Plant Award List

From time to time you will notice hybrid rhododendron names with the initials SPA or AE after them. This designates hybrids that have earned the designations Superior Plant Award (SPA) or Award of Excellence (AE) through the plant award system of the American Rhododendron Society. Printed below is a list of all hybrids so honored through 1989. Howard Slonecker, Portland Chapter member, is ARS Plant Awards Committee Chairman.

Superior Plant Award (SPA)
'Ginny Gee' SPA, NW 1985
'Lem's Cameo' SPA 1971
'Party Pink' SPA, GL 1983
'Patty Bee' SPA, NW 1985
'Trude Webster' SPA 1971
Award of Excellence (AE)
'Annie Dalton' AE 1960
'Atroflo' AE 1959
'Beechwood Pink' AE 1960
'Blue River' AE 1961
'Cadis' AE 1959
'Carolyn Grace' AE 1960
'Catalode' AE 1960
'Cutie' AE 1962
'Cyprus' AE, GL 1983
'David Gable' AE 1960
R. degronianum AE 1956
'Gi Gi' AE 1973
'Golden Bee' AE, NW 1984
'Hallelujah' AE, NW 1982
'Julia Grothaus' AE, NW 1988
'Ken Janeck' AE 1969
'Kim' AE 1973
'Lemon Mist' AE 1969
'Lodestar' AE, GL 1982
'Luxor' AE, GL 1987
'Maricee' AE 1959
'Mary Fleming' AE 1973
'Mary Harmon' AE 1958
'Meadowbrook' AE 1973
'Mrs. A.F. McEwan' AE 1956
'Mrs. Donald Graham' AE 1958
'Opal Fawcett' AE 1958
'Parker's Pink' AE 1973
'Roslyn' AE 1973
'Scintillation' AE 1973
'Swansdown' AE, GL 1983
'Taurus' AE, NW 1988
'Too Bee' AE, NW 1989
'Tyee' AE 1960
'Wee Bee' AE, NW 1989
'Wheatley' AE 1973
'Windbeam' AE 1973
'Wizard' AE 1959

Regional Descriptions: (Adopted in 1976
Northeast (NE) Middle Atlantic(MA) Southern (S) Great Lakes (GL) Northwest (NW) Northern California (NC) Southern California (SC).