JARS v45n1 - From the Editor

From the Editor
Adele Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon

This is my last issue as your editor. I am pleased to announce that Sonja Nelson has been selected as the new editor. Sonja has a solid background in English and journalism with degrees from Smith College and Western Washington State College. She has also completed the Master Gardener program through Washington State University.
Sonja brings a high level of enthusiasm and expertise to the job and is looking forward to meeting and working with ARS members. Submissions for possible publication in the Journal, other items of editorial interest and advertising copy or inquiries should now be sent to Sonja Nelson, Bellingham, WA.
As I leave this job, I know I will miss my contacts with you. Over the years I have become acquainted with many members through correspondence and phone calls. Some of you I have never met, and yet I feel you are special friends. My job was made easy by the generous spirit of sharing and cooperation of all of you.
Special acknowledgement goes to several steadfast helpers. Ted Van Veen has faithfully proofread Journal articles, even when he was busy with other duties. Sandra McDonald, chairman of the Editorial Committee, organized the committee to be a useful sounding board for me. Paula Cash, our former Executive Secretary, and now, Barbara Hall, our current Executive Director, have been invaluable to me, there is no way to properly thank them for all they have done. I wish I could name all the rest of you who have contributed so much to the Journal's success over the past five and a half years, but that is impossible. Finally, my gratitude goes to my husband, Joe. Only he knows how many make-shift dinners he's eaten or plans that have changed because something had to be done for the Journal. I expect my retirement will allow me more time with my family and more time to tend my garden. Both of these are pleasurable thoughts.