JARS v45n1 - President's Column

President's Column
Austin Kennell
Waynesboro, Virginia

Austin Kennell, ARS president

Every now and then, something called "People/Plant Interaction" pops up in various articles. Like some other additions to our language in recent years, I'm not real sure just what it means - but I like what I think it implies.
Apparently, it is a term that describes the many ways in which plants affect the physiological, psychological, and social pressures of people through both passive and active contact. That's quite a mouthful, but as near as I can fathom, it means that as human beings work with plants to keep them healthy and productive, as well as just enjoy them, the plants in turn keep humans healthy in mind and body.
The American Rhododendron Society is "People/Plant Interaction" at its best. When you get right down to it, "People/Plant Interaction" is what our society is all about - people and plants making life better for each other. And we've been doing it since long before the term was coined.
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