JARS v45n2 - President's Column

President's Column
Austin Kennell
Waynesboro, Virginia

Austin Kennell, ARS president

This is my last President's column, as my term as your President will soon be history. My presidency culminated well over a quarter of a century of involvement in American Rhododendron Society affairs at every level of our organization. In retrospect, it's been all too brief. The memories of all the wonderful people I've met, the friends I've made, the experiences I've had make me truly a fortunate person.
Always challenging, sometimes frustrating, never boring, and ever fulfilling, it has been a great pleasure to have served the Society.
No ARS President ever had better officers, directors, and national committee members and they have my sincerest admiration and appreciation. No President ever had a more effective Executive Director or Journal Editor and they will always occupy a special place in my affections.
I want to pay a special tribute to all those dedicated members in every chapter who, more than any other group, are responsible for the greatness and perpetuation of our organization. They are the American Rhododendron Society - and always have been and always will be. To each of you, I'm proud to have been your President. But I'm even prouder of our Society which you have made such an outstanding organization.
This is not Goodby, but auf Wiedersehen.