JARS v45n2 - From the Editor

From the Editor
Sonja Nelson
Bellingham, Washington

When I was growing up in Minnesota the rhododendrons at the University of Minnesota arboretum seemed the most exotic plants in the world. I knew of no one who actually grew them in their yard, not even my parents whose garden overflowed with native flora and perennials which enjoyed the harsh climate.
When I came to the Northwest the abundance of these "exotics", one of which was actually a native, made it seem like the Garden of Eden. Now, some twenty-five years later, I have the opportunity to edit the publication which celebrates this incredible genus.
I succeed a very fine editor, Adele Jones. Already during my brief acquaintance with ARS members I can see the high regard in which she is held. I hope I can continue her good work.
I also am beginning to see that the strength and the excellence of this plant journal comes out of the membership itself, which serves as the main source for writers and photographers. Here among members and friends of the Society is the knowledge, enthusiasm and experience that is needed to make a plant journal a great plant journal. I hope that more and more members will consider writing - and photographing - for the Journal . Maybe I will meet some of you at the April convention.
I encourage you to write me concerning any article idea you might have or any thoughts you might want to express regarding the Journal .