JARS v45n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Joyce Saunders
The Eugene Chapter awards the Bronze Medal to Joyce Saunders for always being there! Joyce has as many years of membership and service to the Eugene Chapter as anyone except her husband George. Joyce served as Secretary for the Chapter for several years, and no matter whether she had an official title or not, she was always there to help. How well we remember her being at the Valley River Rhododendron Show, there to help and clean up even after those who should have been responsible had long ago slipped out the back door.
Yes, Joyce, you deserve the Eugene Chapter's highest accolade. You have earned it, and it is with great pleasure that we present it to you!

Slim Barrett
Slim, like most attorneys, you always have something to say, and we thank you for this! How we enjoy your articles in our newsletter and we appreciate the time and effort you expend in writing them for us. But, there is more. You have been a long-time member of our Chapter. You have served it as President and as a Member of the Board. Slim, whenever a job needed to be done, we could count on you. It is with great pleasure that the Eugene Chapter presents its highest award to our faithful friend Slim Barrett.

Ron Ivanoff
When work needs to be done, who do we count on? Who can we depend on to bring and put up all our rhododendron show boards? We know it is our favorite descendant of Russian royalty, Ron Ivanoff. Serving in many capacities including a Member of the Board and Show Chairman, Ron is always someone we can count on to do whatever is needed. Ron, it is with special thanks that we bestow upon you our highest award. We will always thank you for being so great!

John Buschmann
In recognition of his cheerful involvement in numerous Chapter activities, including auctions and seedling sales, where he generously contributed plants, the Middle Atlantic Chapter presents the Bronze Medal to John Buschmann. He has served on hospitality committees, notably at the 1988 convention, as a lively program speaker and currently is a member of the MAC board of directors. He has initiated and hosted "Learn-shops", sharing an innate curiosity and plant knowledge with fellow gardeners. His great enthusiasm for and interest in the genus Rhododendron is hereby applauded!

Jordan Prince
In recognition of his twenty-six years of service, his participation in all Chapter activities and with appreciation for his friendly and valued leadership as President. June 7, 1991.

Martha Prince
In recognition of her many talents as artist, writer and photographer graciously shared with us as seen in journals, slide shows, on booklets and posters. In appreciation for her willing participation in Chapter activities. June 7, 1991.

Art Zabel
The Olympia Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents the Bronze Medal to Art Zabel for generously sharing the beauty and joy of his outstanding rhododendron park each spring, by opening it to visitors from the community and around the world. May 9, 1990.

Dorothy Chamberlain
The Olympia Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Charter Member Dorothy Chamberlain. During these thirty years she has served as Secretary-Treasurer, Show Chairman and has faithfully supported Chapter activities. May 17, 1991.

George Wambold
The Olympia Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents the Bronze Medal to George Wambold in recognition of his valued services to the Chapter as past President, Member of the Board of Directors, and the many other ways he has enthusiastically helped to promote the enjoyment of rhododendrons. May 17, 1991.

Constance Hansen
In appreciation of the endless, energetic and stimulating contributions;
For the many displays of trusses and slides for rhododendron shows and activities;
For the numerous projects and support at the Smith Garden;
For your warm hospitality to visitors at your garden;
For sharing with colorful 'show and tell' samples at Chapter meetings;
For editing, for several years, our chapter newsletter, Ad Hoc Genus Rhododendron ;
And in countless other ways whereby our chapter has benefited, the Willamette Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to give its highest honor and recognition to Constance Hansen. May 8, 1991.

Betty Spady
With this Bronze Medal we wish to show our appreciation to a member who has contributed in countless ways to our enjoyment and understanding of rhododendrons. Her initiative and leadership have been crucial to the formation and development of the Willamette Chapter.
From the beginning as a Chapter Officer, through the years as Show Chairman, Hostess and Exhibitor, as Publicity Committee and "one man" perpetual Membership Committee, her friendliness and constancy have enriched us all.
Through her numerous projects and activities regionally and nationally she has been an inspiration for active participation. Sharing knowledge and experience generously, Betty Spady has become a most valued member and friend. May 8, 1991.