JARS v45n4 - Honorary President: Everett E. Farwell, Jr.

Honorary President: Everett E. Farwell, Jr.

Everett Farwell
Everett Farwell

The late Mr. Farwell was named Honorary President, 1991-1993, at the ARS Convention in Oakland, California last April. A framed citation was presented to the late Mr. Farwell's wife, Marge Farwell. A gavel of rhododendron wood was presented to his son Gary Farwell.

Everett Farwell spent nearly forty-five years promoting the genus rhododendron wherever he went. With his wife Marge, he proved to Californians that rhododendrons were indeed the "King of Shrubs" and encouraged their growth throughout the state.
He became one of the first members of the American Rhododendron Society from California and was largely responsible for the formation of the California Chapter, becoming its first president in 1952. He worked hard for the success of ARS and was elected Western Vice President in 1987.
Many rhododendrons that exist throughout the San Francisco Bay area can be traced to Farwell's Nursery in Woodside. From this magnificent mountain top site overlooking the Pacific and the Bay, Ev pioneered soil mixes and planting methods, and selected varieties that would thrive there. His enthusiasm inspired many to grow perhaps the widest range of rhododendrons and azaleas seen anywhere in this country.
Ev was a sensitive, good natured man with a keen sense of humor. He will be greatly missed.