JARS v47n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Dr. Homer Salley
You have served with distinction on the Chapter Board of Directors and the Plant Awards committees. Not only have you encouraged the Chapter hybridizers to register their plants, you have taken measurements, identified leaf types and flower colors, and reviewed and filled out necessary forms for them. The Chapter has benefitted immensely from the book sales program which you inaugurated. Your research work on the genus has taken you to several countries gathering information to benefit all members of the ARS. Your books published as a joint effort are a tribute to the accuracy and detail which you have insisted upon in all your rhododendron pursuits. You represent the Chapter well as a member of the Research Foundation of the ARS. We are very happy and proud to be associated with you as a member of the Great Lakes Chapter. As a token of our esteem for the services performed on our behalf, we present to you the Bronze Medal Award.

Dom Smiley
For outstanding service in producing the Chapter newsletter. Dom, the newsletter is what holds us together as a Chapter. Your attention to the details in keeping members informed about all the proceedings of the Chapter are much appreciated. You have expanded the format to include timely articles on plants, insects, diseases and the latest controls for same. For your dedication and service working on the national convention especially the program directory. You have served us in many ways as Flower Show judge, Awards Committee member, as well as serving on the Board of Directors. Your generosity is well known in giving many companion plants as well as rhododendrons to the plant auction. In appreciation for all of these services the Chapter presents you with the Bronze Medal, the highest honor we are authorized to give. We also give you our continuing gratitude. Congratulations, Dom!

Felix A. Robinson
Felix, we have watched you move from one position to another in the Chapter - doing each job efficiently and quietly. You have served us as Chapter president, as Show Committee chairman, and as Nominating Committee chairman. All of these positions are time consuming and difficult. You have been active in keeping the Study Group together and providing good advice on plant culture. You have collected in your garden a number of rare plants, and have shared pollen and seeds most generously. We have looked to your expertise and guidance on many subjects and will continue to do so as you never refuse to help. For all these valuable contributions and for others unmentioned, we present you the Bronze Medal Award, the highest honor we are authorized to give. We also give you our gratitude and thanks. Congratulations, Felix!