JARS v47n1 - In Memoriam: Paul G. Stephens

In Memoriam: Paul G. Stephens
Charles G. Sale
Toronto, Ontario

Paul died July 24, 1992, in a tragic accident, in his 57th year. He was long time treasurer of the Toronto Region of the Rhododendron Society of Canada, ARS District 12. Paul was recognized throughout North America in the advertising world for his great artistic talent, a talent he gave freely to the rhododendron world he loved. He worked enthusiastically for the society at Edwards Gardens in Toronto, in the planting and maintaining the large public collection of rhododendrons under the care of the Chapter. Paul was a thoughtful private gardener too, and took care of the gardens of four immediate neighbours, to provide all with a single large private garden. Paul created many designs for the Rhododendron Society of Canada, providing a lasting beautiful reminder of a kind and loving friend of the society.