JARS v47n2 - In Memoriam: Winston (Hank) Hanke

In Memoriam: Winston (Hank) Hanke
Everett Hall
Eugene, Oregon

Winston (Hank) Hanke passed away December 10, 1992, after a short illness. He had been a member of the Eugene Chapter of the ARS for 34 years. He was also an associate member of the Portland and Corvallis chapters. In 1988 Hank was recipient of the Bronze Medal.
Very active in Chapter activities, Hank always assisted at the annual shows wherever he was needed. He could always be counted on to donate plants for Chapter plant sales. Much in demand as a show judge, he served frequently in that capacity.
For 30 years Hank and his wife, Nora, owned and operated the Hanke Rhododendron Nursery in Corvallis. They were noted for the fine quality plants offered for sale.
Hank liked to do a little hybridizing; he named and introduced four rhododendrons (unregistered): 'Peach Tree', 'Peppermint Candy', 'Hanke's Rosey', and probably his best, 'Martian King', a beautiful dark red with a calyx it wears like a crown.
Hank's warmth, generosity, knowledge and enthusiasm allowed him to make friends widely. He was always willing to share cuttings, give advice and share freely of his knowledge of rhododendrons and azaleas. He was a fine person who will be greatly missed by his many friends.