JARS v47n2 - Northeastern Regional Conference

Northeastern Regional Conference
Jim Marchand
Ashland, Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Chapter will host the District 6, Northeastern Regional Conference at the Ethan Allen Inn in Danbury, Conn., on the weekend of Oct. 29-31. Danbury is located in the southeastern corner of Connecticut, about 60 miles southwest of Hartford and 60 miles north of New York City.
We are preparing a program which should appeal to the wide ranging interests of rhododendron aficionados. Howard Pfeifer, a retired botanist from the University of Connecticut and a nationally recognized expert in landscape design, will prepare us for the 1996 convention in Scotland with a presentation on the great rhododendron gardens in England and Scotland.
Dick Steele, who has been hybridizing rhododendrons for over 30 years, will discuss his hybridizing program in Nova Scotia and the pursuit of hardiness in rhododendrons. Richard Murcott, a well known rhododendron hybridizer on Long Island, will present his views on the challenges we face in encouraging and expanding the culture of rhododendrons in the future, and he will provide us with ideas for meeting those challenges. Other talks will focus on azaleas, species rhododendrons, hybridizing rhododendrons for the Northeast, pests and diseases of rhododendrons and plant explorations in the distant wilds.
So here's your chance to get together with old friends and new friends and revel in a program focused on a subject for which we all share a passion. A good time assuredly will be had by all so, please, come and share a weekend of good fun, food, and fellowship.