JARS v48n3 - Gold Medal Award: Bruce Brigg

Gold Medal Award: Bruce Brigg

Bruce Brigg

You have become one of the world's great benefactors for the genus Rhododendron by your work in tissue culture propagation. With a sense of challenge and vision, you have developed one of the largest laboratories of this type in the industry. As a result, rhododendron enthusiasts around the world have a wealth of new hybrids and rare species available in numbers unprecedented.
You give generously of your time to attend and support plant propagators and rhododendron growers at local, regional, national, and international meetings. At the same time you give generous support of such events providing plant materials and sharing your hard won knowledge.
You sponsor interns from all over the world to study at your state of the art nursery. They come to work and share in your knowledge and experience in tissue culture, water conservation and chemical pollution prevention. By bringing these students to our meetings you add a special international dimension to our gatherings. You are indeed an Ambassador of Rhododendrons!
To express our great appreciation for your many and varied contributions, the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award its highest honor to Bruce Briggs. May 7, 1994, Asheville, North Carolina.