JARS v48n3 - G. David Lewis Receives Somerville Award

G. David Lewis Receives Somerville Award

Dr. G. David Lewis, a member of the Princeton Chapter and a technical reviewer for the Journal, received the Dr. W. T. Somerville Hybridization Award of $100 for the successful hybridization of new varieties of rhododendrons. The award was made on June 1 at the Annual Meeting of The Garden Club of New Jersey.
The registered hybrid rhododendron names are: 'Alfreda Wiaczek', 'Artie Glow', 'Banana Boat', 'Colts Neck Rose', 'Easter Dawn', 'Irish Cream', 'Jay Murray', 'Joshua Huddy', 'Whirligig', and 'Yellow Fever'. Dr. Lewis has also registered names for two species selections: R. mucronulatum 'Pink Panther' and R. viscosum 'Betty Cummins'.
The local retail nursery which handles most of these varieties is the Cummins Garden in Marlboro, N. J. Registration of two additional lepidote rhododendron names, 'Joseph Dunn' and 'Wickatunk' will be completed later this spring.
The award was presented by Mrs. Roy E. Cavanaugh, president of The Garden Club of New Jersey, during the organization's annual awards ceremony and meeting which was held in Iselin, N. J.