JARS v48n3 - Pioneer Achievement Award: Dr. August E. Kehr

Pioneer Achievement Award: Dr. August E. Kehr

Dr. August E. Kehr

Your leadership in establishing the American Rhododendron Society Research Foundation has brought, and continues to bring, dividends in knowledge and understanding of the genus Rhododendron . Your foresight in introducing the Breeders' Roundtable and the Pollen Bank has made possible the continued development of diverse hybrids of untold beauty and hardiness. The sharing of your knowledge of pollen storage has made the Pollen Bank useful and of wider benefit. Your introduction of chromosome doubling in rhododendrons has paved the way to previously unheard-of breakthroughs in hybridizing. Your leadership in many capacities in the American Rhododendron Society has elevated it to worldwide recognition. Your creative mind is a never-ending source of new and applicable concepts. We salute your broad and active interest in other plant societies. For these many contributions to the plant world, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present its most prestigious honor, the Pioneer Achievement Award, to Dr. August E. Kehr. Asheville, North Carolina, 7 May 1994.