JARS v48n3 - Silver Medal Award: Edward W. Collins

Silver Medal Award: Edward W. Collins

Edward W. Collins

You have been a remarkably active member of the American Rhododendron Society for many years, beginning with the Philadelphia Chapter, where you became president and chairman of the 1976 annual meeting of the Society in Valley Forge. You were a founding member and the first president of the Pine Barrens Chapter; the first director of District 8; and are now an officer in the Southeastern Chapter. You have been an enthusiastic leader, devoted to imparting your knowledge and skills to members and the public at large.
You have studied the Wister-Swarthmore-Dexter hybrids at Tyler Arboretum, and have explored undeveloped areas of the Heritage Plantation in Sandwich, Massachusetts, identifying superior plants in both of these areas for further study, evaluation, and propagation. By your enthusiasm you have involved other members in this study, eventually leading to the formation of the Sandwich Club.
You have given freely of your time and talent for the genus Rhododendron . In recognition of this, the American Rhododendron Society is honored to award the Silver Medal to Edward W. Collins. May 7, 1994, Asheville, North Carolina.