JARS 49n3 - In Memoriam: Keith Elliott

In Memoriam: Keith Elliott

Keith Elliott, a member of the De Anza Chapter, died in April 1995. Keith, together with his wife Lurline, was an active member of the chapter and known for his support of all chapter activities. If there was "dirty work" to be done, he was there with his panel truck hauling or doing whatever it took to get the job done.
The De Anza Chapter awarded Keith and Lurline Elliott the Bronze Medal Oct. 4, 1982. The award was given for their participation as officers, for the countless hours spent making the flower show successful, for plant contributions and year-round support of the chapter and the ARS. They were both commended for their "constant cheerful, helpful attitudes, generosity and goodwill."
Keith had also been a member of the San Mateo Chapter and a strong supporter of the American Azalea Society. Bob George, a fellow member of the San Mateo Chapter during the 1970s, remembers that when he started the Cascade Chapter Keith Elliott was there to support that new chapter.