JARS 49n3 - Founding Members Awards

Founding Members Awards

Henk Dekens, Mrs. Donald G. Graham, Sr., Ruth Hansen, John Henny, Jean Malmo, William C. Robinson, Dr. William B. Hutchinson, Brian O. Mulligan, G.D. Radebaugh, Jr., Anna W. Skinner, Howard J. Slonecker, Cecil C. Smith, Molly Smith, Elsie M. Watson

On this 50th anniversary of the origin of the American Rhododendron Society, we wish to recognize you as a Founding Member. Your contributions to the establishment of our Society and your continuing involvement, in meeting the goals you helped to set, has created an organization that is internationally acclaimed. To express our great appreciation, the American Rhododendron Society is proud to honor you with this Founding Members Award. May 13, 1995. Portland, Oregon.

Cecil and Molly Smith of Newberg, OR
Cecil and Molly Smith of Newberg, Ore., were two of
14 members who received Founding Members Awards.