JARS 49n3 - Gold and Silver Medal Award Winners Since Inception of the Program in 1952

Gold and Silver Medal Award Winners Since Inception of the Program in 1952

1952 Mr. Claude Sersanous Gold 1974 Mr. James Caperci Gold Mr. Harold Greer Gold
Portland, Ore. Seattle, Wash. Eugene, Ore.
1953 Mr. Joseph Gable Gold 1975 Mrs. Ruth Hansen Gold Mr. Harold Johnson Silver
Stewartstown, Penn. Portland, Oreg. Surrey, B.C. Canada
1954 Dr. Joseph Rock Gold Dr. Gustave A.L. Mehlquist Gold 1990 Mr. Frank Doleshy Gold
Seattle, Wash. Storrs, Conn. Edmonds, Wash.
1957 Mr. Endre Ostbo Gold Mr. Wm. Whitney Gold Mrs. Polly Hill Gold
Seattle, Wash. Brinnon, Wash. Vineyard Haven, Mass.
1959 Mr. Guy Nearing Gold Mr. H.H. Davidian Silver Mr. E. White Smith Silver
Ramsey, N.J. Edinburgh, Scotland Tacoma, Wash.
1980 Mr. Del James Gold Mrs. Marie Grula Silver 1991 Mr. Raymond C. (Curt) Huey Silver
Eugene, Ore. Philadelphia, Pa. Eugene, Ore.
Mr. George Grace Gold 1976 Dr. Alfred S. Martin Gold Dr. Don Kellam Gold
Portland, Ore. Philadelphia, Pa. Charlotte, N.C.
1961 Dr. John Wister Gold Mr. Ted Van Veen Gold Dr. Herbert Spady Gold
Swarthmore, Pa. Portland, Ore. Salem, Ore.
1962 Mrs. A.C.U. Berry Gold Dr. Ernest H. Yelton Silver 1992 Mr. J. Judson Brooks Silver
Portland, Ore. Rutherford, N.C. Sewickley, Pa.
1963 Mr. Halfdan Lem Gold 1977 Dr. Frank Mossman Gold Mr. John C. (Jack) Cowles Silver
Seattle, Wash. Vancouver, Wash. Wellesley, Mass.
Dr. Clement Bowers Gold Dr. August Kehr Gold 1993 Mr. Peter Cox Gold
Main, N.Y. Hendersonville, N.C. Perth, Scotland
Mr. Paul Vossberg Gold 1978 Mr. Gordon Jones Gold Mr. H.H. Davidian Gold
Westbury, N.Y. Oyster Bay, N.Y. Edinburgh, Scotland
Mr. Rudolph Henny (posthumos) Gold Dr. Hermann Sleumer Gold Mr. Parker Smith Silver
Brooks Ore. Germany Sebastopol, Calif.
1964 Mr. Herbert Ihrig Gold Mr. Sidney V. Burns Silver 1994 Mr. Bruce Briggs Gold
Seattle, Wash. Muttontown, N.Y. Olympia, Wash.
Mr. Ben Lancaster Gold 1979 Mr. Orlando Pride Gold Mr. Edward W. Collins Silver
Camas, Wash. Butler, Pa. Hendersonville, N.C.
Mr. Frederick P. Lee Gold Mr. Helmer Larson Gold 1995 Dr. Wilbur C. Anderson Gold
Bethesda, Md. Tacoma, Wash. Mount Vernon, Wash.
1965 Mr. Rocco Cappelli Silver Mr. George Ring Silver Dr. Homer Salley Gold
Portland, Ore. Fairfax, Va. Danville, Ky.
Dr. Henry Skinner Gold Mr. Thomas Koenig Silver
Washington, D.C. Ashbury Park, N.J.
Mr. David G. Leach Gold 1980 Mr. Edmund V. Mezitt Gold
Brookville, Pa. Hopinton, Mass.
1966 Mr. John Henny Gold Mr. Britt M. Smith Gold
Brooks, Ore. Kent, Wash.
Mr. Ted & Mrs. Mary Grieg Gold Mr. Robert D. Gartrell Silver
Royston, B.C. Canada Wyckoff, N.J.
Mr. Ben Nelson Gold 1981 Mr. Ed Parker Gold
Suquamish, Wash. Astoria, Ore.
1967 Mr. J.R. Brooks Gold Mr. Lawrence J. Pierce Gold
Asheville, N.C. Seattle, Wash.
Mr. Cecil Smith Gold Mr. Everett Farwell Silver
Aurora, Ore. Woodside, Calif.
1968 Dr. Paul J. Bowman Gold Mrs. Velma & Mr. Charles Haag Silver
Fort Bragg, Calif. Brevard, N.C.
Dr. Carl Phetteplace Gold 1982 Mr. Hideo Suzuki Gold
Eugene, Ore. Japan
Mr. Howard Slonecker Gold Mrs. Gertrude S. Wister Gold
Portland, Ore. Swarthmore, Pa.
1969 Dr. J.H. Clarke Gold Mr. Peter E. Girard, Sr. Silver
Long Beach, Wash. Geneva, Ohio
1970 Mrs. Robert Berry Gold 1983 Mr. Fred C. Galle Gold
Aberdeen, Wash. Pine Mountain, Ga.
Miss Evelyn Jack Gold 1984 Dr. John P. Evans Gold
Vancouver, B.C. Canada Oakland, Calif.
Dr. Robert Ticknor Gold Dr. H. Furman Cantrell Silver
Canby, Ore. Piedmont, S.C.
Mr. Koichiro Wada Gold 1985 Dr. Edwin C. Brockenbrough Silver
Yokohama, Japan Bellevue, Wash.
1971 Mr. Edward B. Dunn Gold Mr. Robert L. Badger Silver
Seattle, Wash. Kent, Wash.
1972 Mr. Donald McClure Gold 1986 Mr. Weldon E. Delp Gold
Seattle, Wash. Harrisville, Pa.
Mr. Maurice Sumner Gold 1987 None
San Francisco, Calif. 1988 Mr. David Goheen Gold
1973 Dr. Thomas Wheeldon Gold Camas, Wash.
Richmond, Va. Dr. Sandra McDonald Silver
Mr. A.M. Shamarello Gold Hampton, Va.
Euclid, Ohio 1989 Mr. Warren Berg Gold
P.H. Brydon Gold Pt. Ludlow, Wash.
Salem, Ore.

The Awards
The Silver and Gold medals are granted solely by the Society. The basis is outstanding service over a period of time to either the Society or genus Rhododendron , or both. The primary consideration for the Silver is for regional contributions and for the Gold for national or international contributions. The honoree must be a member of the Society.
Society by-laws regarding the awards stipulate that no more than two Silver and two Gold medals may be awarded a year, although the Honors Committee may defer action on names to a later year. Petition for Silver and Gold nominations are submitted through a District Director to the Honors Committee. The petition sets forth the nominee's accomplishments and contributions. The Honors Committee, which makes the selections, consists of six members, including the chairman who is appointed by the Society president. The chairman appoints the other five members whose identity remains confidential to all except the chairman. The chairman does not vote on nominations. The names of those recommended by a majority of the Honors Committee for awards are given to the Society president for action by the Board. Final approval by a majority of the Board or its Executive Committee is required.
Chairman of the Honors Committee is Ed Egan of Tigard, Oregon.