JARS 49n4 - In Memoriam: Marjory Hess

In Memoriam: Marjory Hess

The New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is saddened to report the death of Marjory Hess, who passed away May 6, 1995. Most people knew her as the wife of Nat Hess, the second president of our chapter, but not too many knew that she was a talented, wise and very knowledgeable woman in her own right.
Marjory graduated from the University of Chicago at 17, being the youngest woman to graduate up to that time. She became an opera star, singing with the Chicago Opera Company. One of her proudest memories was singing opposite Giovanni Martinelli in "Pagliacci."
When Nat gave one of his many guided tours through the Hess gardens, Marjory always had to be nearby, and available, because she could identify every living plant from the most obscure wild flowers to the towering cedars of Lebanon. How well we all remember Nat calling, "Marje, I remember hybridizing it, but what did we name it?"
Marjory was so loved by Nat. So did we all.