JARS 49n4 - From the President

From the President
Herbert A. Spady
Salem, Oregon

It is the time when those who arrange their chapter programs are busy setting up their schedules or becoming worried that they have not yet started. The Society provides two services that may be very helpful to your "programmers." The Society maintains a collection of slide programs that may be rented out for a nominal fee. These are programs that have been selected over the years for their quality and/or their particular interest. Wes Tarpley is chairman of the Slide Library Program. Contact him to obtain programs or information.
As with so many of our activities, Wes needs help. If you know of particularly good programs that would fit well in this format, inform him. He can then arrange with the preparer to copy and prepare the material for the Slide Library.
The second very good resource for the chapter programmers is the Speakers' Bureau chaired by Betty Spady. This material is sent out to all the chapters. If additional copies are needed, or for some reason your chapter or chapter programmer did not receive the material, contact Betty. It is a long list of speakers from all over the continent and overseas. It gives details about their subjects and what accommodations they expect. A great deal of effort has gone into the preparation of this material so take advantage of it. Again, Betty is able to "harass" only those people about whom she is informed. If you know of good speakers that are not on her list, send her the information or provide it to one of the regional compilers of the committee. I use the word "harass" advisedly because it is sometimes very difficult to get participants.
Autumn is seed collecting time. Did you see that our new chairman, George Woodard, had a notice in the last Journal? George has a lot of enthusiasm and is making some interesting and worthwhile changes in the Seed Exchange program. Once again, this Society service can be only as good as the contribution of seed by our members. We can not say, "Let George do it." He cannot do it all.