QBARS - v4n1 Camellia and Magnolia Conference

Camellia and Magnolia Conference
J. Harold Clarke

Those who are especially interested in these two genera will want to attend the coming Camellia and Magnolia Conference to be held in London by the Royal Horticultural Society, if at all possible. The ordinary garden enthusiast, however, who might be only mildly interested in Camellias and Magnolias, but who would be immensely thrilled to visit a number of fine old English gardens, should not feel that he would be out of place. The writer speaks from experience on this point as he and Mrs. Clarke together with several other Americans, had the privilege last Spring of attending a Royal Horticultural Society Conference on Rhododendrons which was organized in much the same way. Not all present at the Conference were rhododendron experts by any means, but all thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent show, the tour along Southern England into Cornwall, the beautiful English countryside, the enchanting old gardens, and the privilege of discussing general garden owners. The fact that several of the gardens visited will be the same as the ones included on the rhododendron tour, assures a most profitable trip.
A two day Conference on April 4th and 5th, 1950, featuring talks on Camellias and Magnolias by world wide authorities on these two genera, is the main feature. However, to some garden enthusiasts the high-light of the entire event may be the show of camellias and magnolias with competitive classes, which will be held during the Conference. To many others the outstanding memories will be of the gardens visited during the organized tours just preceding the Conference.
A six day tour visiting Cornish Gardens, leaves London March 25th, and a number of famous collections will be seen in the vicinity of Truro, Penzance and Falmouth. These are very extensive, old and beautifully laid out gardens-not just collections of camellias and magnolias.
On March 31st and April 1st, one day trips from London will include gardens in Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex, as well as the famous new Botanic Gardens, and the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Wisley. The places of historic or general interest which may be visited will, of course, be governed only by the desires of those making the trip as affected by time and budget.
Interested parties should write immediately to the Secretary of the Royal Horticultural Society, Vincent Square, London, S. W. 1, for program and application forms for the garden tours which are being arranged by Thomas Cook & Son.