QBARS - v4n1 Minutes Of Meeting of the A.R.S., Portland, Oregon, October, 20, 1949

Minutes of Meeting Of the A.R.S., Portland, Oregon, October 20, 1949
Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

Meeting called to order by Mr. P. H. Brydon in the absence of our President Mr. C. I. Sersanous. The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.
The proposed changes in the By-laws were then read for the second time. The membership voted unanimously for their adoption.
New members were acknowledged by Mr. Brydon. They were Mr. Joe Klupenger and Mr. Guy Johnson, both of Portland. The nominating committee for new Board members were named as follows: Mr. Rudolph Henny, Mr. Howard Slonecker and Mr. William Robinson. A report of the Membership Committee was made by Mr. C. T. Hansen. This committee is planning a big membership drive to be started in the near future.
At the request of out of town members who found it difficult to arrive in time for the meetings at 7:30 P. M. wished the hour to be set for 8:00 P. M. A vote of hands was taken to determine the consensus of opinion; whether to continue the 7:30 hour or to have the meetings start at 8:00 P. M. The vote was in favor of the 8:00 P. M. hour.
The meeting was then turned over to Dr. J. Harold Clarke who read a short note from Dr. Henry T. Skinner, Curator of the Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, Penn. Dr. Skinner wrote that he would be pleased to have a rhododendron test garden established at the Morris Arboretum.
Dr. Clarke then gave a most enlightening talk on his trip to the Rhododendron Conference: London, England. His talk was illustrated with splendid slides of each estate visited. After the slides of the English gardens, Dr. Clarke then showed pictures of the nurseries at Booskoop, Holland. One of the most interesting slides was one which showed a large field of layered rhododendrons.
Mr. Brydon then asked the members if they wished a plant auction to be held at the next meeting in November. The voice was unanimous; so Mr. Brydon urged the nurserymen to bring in plants for the next meeting.
Meeting adjourned.