QBARS - v4n1 Minutes of the Organization Meeting of the Eastern Division American Rhododendron Society

Minutes of the Organization Meeting of the "Eastern Division A.R.S."
New York City, October 30, 1949
Donald Hardgrove, Secretary Eastern Division A. R. S.

A meeting of the Eastern Division of the American Rhododendron Society was held at the Essex House in New York City. The meeting was held while the American Horticultural Congress was in session in order to take advantage of the fact that many interested parties were present to attend that meeting.
Judge Henry J. Collins presided in the chair at the meeting. Mr. Donald Hardgrove was introduced as the first speaker. He gave a brief talk on the purposes behind the Eastern Division of the A. R. S. and the Societies work to be undertaken in the future.
Judge Collins then introduced our principal speaker for the meeting; Mr. G. G. Nearing. Mr. Nearing showed about 200 Kodachrome pictures of rhododendron taken in England this past Spring. His arrangement of slides and his explanations of them was both interesting and skillfully presented for both the beginner and expert.
Dr. Clement Bowers followed Mr. Nearing and showed slides of some of the new Dutch azaleas and how layering is carried on as a means of propagation in that country.
Mr. Harold Epstein, the last speaker, spoke about the future of rhododendrons as rock garden subjects, and asked that all those who might have suggestions on our future activities to remain and discuss them in detail after the meeting.
Mr. Hardgrove was nominated as Secretary for the Eastern Division. The nomination was seconded by Dr. Bowers. No other nominations were made and the motion was carried.
About 75 persons attended the meeting and many remained after the meeting to discuss future plans.