QBARS - v4n1 Large Rhododendrons at Heligan and Trengwainton

Large Rhododendrons at Heligan and Trengwainton

R. arboreum over 50 ft. at Heligan
Fig. 10  A specimen of R. arboreum over 50 ft. at Heligan.
Clarke photo

The rhododendrons at Heligan, Fig. 10, are probably the largest in the world outside of the Himalayan region. The clump in the photograph does not include the largest plants. Plants measuring 60 feet in height are located in a place where they are difficult to photograph. The largest Camellia reticulate , which is probably 100 years old, is also growing at Heligan. The owner of this estate, which is located near St. Austell, Cornwall, is Lt. Commander H. H. Thomas.

Trunks of large rhododendrons at Trengwainton
Fig. 9.  Trunks of large rhododendrons at Trengwainton.
Clark photo

These rhododendron trunks at Trengwainton, Fig. 9, emphasize the size of the plants just as well as do photographs of the entire plants. Col. Bolitho showed us plants of about this size which had been cut hack to 18" to 21" to cause them to branch out. These stumps were throwing out numerous vigorous shoots, which would seem to answer the question as to whether rhododendrons can stand severe pruning. Plants at Tregothnan with trunks about one foot in diameter were cut back in similar fashion and were making good recovery.