QBARS - v4n1 Test Gardens

Test Gardens

Rhododendron test gardens are being established as recommended by the Committee on Nomenclature in the October Quarterly Bulletin. One test garden will be at the Morris Arboretum at Germantown, Pennsylvania, which is just outside of Philadelphia. The Arboretum of the University of Washington has been requested to cooperate in establishing a test garden, and the question is now in the hands of the Arboretum Directors. Rhododendron breeders with seedlings which they would like to have rated, should carefully read the report of the Committee on Nomenclature, and then if they wish to take advantage of this new service of the American Rhododendron Society and cooperating test gardens, they should make formal application to the Secretary of the Association, Portland, Oregon. It is suggested that the first letter include information as to the number of seedlings the writer would like to enter, the size of plants which might be furnished, information as to whether the plants are of dwarf or large type, and whether one, two or three specimens will be available for the test garden planting.