QBARS - v4n2 Special Awards

Special Awards

The American Rhododendron Society has approved the granting of awards outstanding new rhododendron varieties as outlined in the American Rhododendron Society Quarterly Bulletin of October 1949.
The highest award T. G. C. (Test Garden Certificate) will be granted only after the variety has been grown and rated in a Test Garden. A P. A. (Preliminary Award) however, may be given to worthy seedlings shown in a regular American Rhododendron Society Show, or in a show approved by the American Rhododendron Society. This is an American Rhododendron Society award show. If a variety is to be considered for an award, the Secretary of the American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon, must receive the following information at least five days before the opening date of the show.
Name or number of the variety, parentage of variety, name of breeder, season of bloom, leaf characters, type and probable size of plant. The variety may be entered in a special award class or in any regular competitive class but must be plainly marked "to be considered for American Rhododendron Society award." Judging for awards will be by a panel of the American Rhododendron Society Committee on Awards. While it is possible that a P. A. might be granted to a variety on the basis of the exhibit of a single truss with foliage, it will be to the advantage of the exhibitor to show an entire plant.

Awards Committee List

5-Dr. Henry T. Skinner, Curator The Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4-Dr. Clement G. Bowers, Cornell University Ithaca, New York
3-Mr. Harold Epstein, New York
2-Dr. Frederic P. Lee, Bethesda, Maryland
1-Mr. Donald Hardgrove, Merrick, New York

Seattle-Tacoma Area: University of Washington Arboretum, Seattle, Washington
4-Mr. Herbert G. Ihrig, Ferncliff, Washington
3-Mr. Carl S. English, Jr., Seattle, Washington
2-Mr. Leonard F. Frisbie, Puyallup, Washington
1-Mr. Endre Ostbo, Bellevue, Washington

Portland-Eugene Area:
5-Mr. H. H. Harms, Portland, Oregon
4-Mr. D. W. James, Eugene, Oregon
3-Mr. P. H. Brydon, Salem, Oregon
2-Mr. E. R. Peterson, Portland, Oregon
1-Mr. George D. Grace, Portland, Oregon