QBARS - v4n2 American Rhododendron Society Test Gardens to be Established at Arboretum

A. R. S. Test Gardens To Be Established At Arboretum
B. O. Mulligan, Director, University of Washington Arboretum

At a meeting on January 9th the Arboretum Board agreed to the establishment of a Rhododendron Test Garden in this Arboretum, "believing that such a project was in line with the purposes for which the Arboretum was established."  Their agreement is however subject to satisfactory arrangements being made with the Society and myself as to the site, handling and cultivation of the plants, etc.  At the moment, the ground which I have in mind for this purpose, within the fenced nursery area at its south end, is occupied by other rhododendron plants which we expect to move out this coming spring. Thereafter it will have to be cleared, weeded, and prepared for planting, and as it is rather badly infested with quack grass and other perennial weeds, it will undoubtedly be next fall before we are able to accept any plants for trial.  The ground itself is light and sandy, with sufficient humus to grow the plants well, and the site sheltered on three sides, being open to the north only to which it slopes gently.  If this proposition is agreeable to the Society we shall be happy to reserve and prepare the area for that purpose.