QBARS - v4n2 Tacoma Rhododendron Society

Tacoma Rhododendron Society

The Tacoma Rhododendron Society has been organized to promote interest in Rhododendrons in Tacoma and Pierce county. Leonard F. Frisbie is president, E. N. Eisenhower, vice-president, Chas. Johnson, secretary, and Alex Babbitt is treasurer. Trustees are: Edward J. Cooper, Dr. Clyde Magill, Richard McCann and Ed Jackson. The new society will work in close cooperation with other horticultural groups. A highly active program has been outlined for the first year. The Society will stage Tacoma's Second Annual Rhododendron Show May 6-7th. Plans are in the making to affiliate the Society with The American Rhododendron Society and it will become The Tacoma-Pierce County Division of The American Rhododendron Society.