QBARS - v4n4 Minutes of Meeting of American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon, September 21, 1950

Minutes of Meeting of American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon, September 21, 1950
Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

The first Fall meeting of the American Rhododendron Society was called to order by President, Mr. C. I. Sersanous, in the Auditorium of the Journal Building at 8:00 P. M. The reading of the Minutes for the May meeting was dispensed with as they had been published in the July Bulletin.
Mr. Fred K. Tabel of Portland was introduced as a recent new member. Visitors from Camas, Wash. and Salem, Ore. were then introduced to the membership.
Mr. Sersanous called for a report of Committees. There was no report from the Membership Committee as the Chairman, C. T. Hansen had sent in his resignation and there was no report from the Publicity Committee.
Our President then announced that Portland now has a Test Garden which is practically ready for use. This Test Garden is located on an Island on the last nine of the East Moreland Golf Course, almost in the heart of the city. It is completely surrounded by water with the exception of a narrow service roadway which connects the Island to the mainland. It was explained that the reason for finding another location for the Test Garden other than the site of the present Rhododendron Park was mainly a cost factor. It would take approximately $50,000 to improve the roads, trails and to provide a Curator for the Park.
The Portland Test Garden was obtained by a City Ordinance which grants the Society the privilege of using this Island for the purpose of the cultivation of rhododendrons and plants of the heath family. After the fundamental work of clearing a few trees, preparing the soil anal doing the initial planting, the Test Garden is to be maintained by the Department of City Parks.
A special fund has been set up for moneys donated for the improvement of the Test Garden. A six foot Cyclone fence has been installed along the Island side which faces the mainland. It is planned to have a small shelter and tool house combination located close to the roadway for practical purposes. Mr. Sersanous once more stated that this is the Rhododendron Test Garden, not the Park; that we hope someday in the future when costs are lower the Park will be developed as originally planned.
Mr. Bacher then told of the fine possibilities of the Island and that this venture was a great credit to the Society and that it would add immeasurably to the Sight-Seeing assets of the City.
Dr. Clark, Chairman of the Test Gardens and Awards Committee, stated that neither the University of Washington Arboretum nor the Morris Arboretum. Philadelphia, had received any official entries to date. We do hope for entries this Fall. He then reviewed the general requirements for making an entry into the Test Gardens. These requirements were published in the Quarterly Bulletin for October, 1919 and should be re-read by anyone thinking of entering plants.
Dr. Clark again explained the regulations pertaining to Award. He then announced that the Award Committee has granted a Preliminary Award to Mr. Endre Ostbo of Bellevue, Wash. on his newly named, "King of Shrubs." Judging panels have been set up in Seattle, Portland and Philadelphia to judge for possible Awards in their respective areas. Dr. Clark. then told of the results on the Questionnaire on "Hardiness and Ratings" which he had sent to some 50 individuals. As this report is to be published in the Bulletin, it will not be elaborated on in these minutes.
President Sersanous announced the Awards Committee for the Portland: Area. Mr. H. H. Harms, Chairman; George D. Grace and E. R. Peterson of Portland, P. H. Brydon of Salem and D. W. James of Eugene.
A plant auction followed this announcement which netted the Society $67.00.
Slides by B. F. Lancaster, of Camas, Wash. were then shown. These consisted of some of Mr. Lancaster's own crosses both rhododendrons and Azaleas. Pictures of some of the smaller species and a few outstanding hybrids were also shown. It was a fine collection of slides and enjoyed by everyone.
Meeting adjourned.