JARS v50n4 - Nurserymen Honor Robert Ticknor In Hall of Fame

Nurserymen Honor Robert Ticknor In Hall of Fame

The Oregon Association of Nurserymen has inducted Dr. Robert L. Ticknor into its Hall of Fame for his pioneering nursery-related research at Oregon State University. Dr. Ticknor is a past president of the ARS, a Gold Medal recipient and currently the chairman of the ARS Research Committee. The award was given during ceremonies on July 14.
Dr. Ticknor grew up on a farm near Crystal Springs Lake, a onetime swimming hole that has since become the centerpiece of the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland.
He graduated from Oregon State College in nursery management and received a Ph.D. in pomology from Michigan State University. He was one of the first to staff the North Willamette Experiment Station, a branch of Oregon State University. As a professor of horticulture and nursery crops researcher at Oregon State, he has focused on practical solutions for nursery problems. He is a recognized expert in the areas of weed control, azalea plant hardiness, potting media, slow-release fertilizer, plant breeding and evaluation.