JARS v51n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Gerry Heriot
An enthusiastic charter member of the Fraser Valley Rhododendron Society, you were instrumental in the formation of the chapter and have been involved consistently as an executive member. We are grateful to you for organizing, participating in and judging of annual shows, both in our chapter and neighbouring chapters. By sharing your knowledge of hybridizing as well as your seeds and seedlings with us and the Seed Exchange at the international level you are continuing the tradition set by earlier Fraser Valley hybridizers. Our chapter has been enriched by the interesting and informative talks which you willingly give on a variety of topics, especially with examples of fall colour from your outstanding collection of rare and exotic trees and shrubs. You have opened your home and garden to many chapter activities and garden tours. Always you have been friendly and encouraging to new members. In appreciation for your many contributions to the Fraser Valley Rhododendron Society, we are pleased to present our highest award, the American Rhododendron Society's Bronze Medal. November 24, 1996.

Jim Greig
Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Jim Greig in recognition and appreciation of your contribution these past years as club treasurer, auditor and financial advisor. For your good humour as tour host on our bus trips, your cheerful participation in all club events, and sharing so graciously the knowledge gleaned from your parents' involvement in the genus Rhododendron . Each year you have given willingly of your time and efforts for the benefit of the membership and we acknowledge your contribution with our thanks. December 1996.

George Neiswanger
George Neiswanger, you have always been willing to volunteer for additional responsibilities despite the fact that the position of treasurer which you have so capably filled for the last four years is, in itself, a full-time job. For your tireless efforts finding and welcoming new members, for your careful organization and follow-through in membership renewal which has, to a large extent, been responsible for the Seattle Chapter's outstanding renewal rate (highest in the ARS in 1996) the Seattle Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is proud to present our highest award, the Bronze Medal, to you, George Neiswanger, in recognition of and appreciation for the outstanding service you have rendered. April 1997.

Chip Muller
For the many outstanding services you have rendered, the Seattle Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to you, Chip Muller, its highest award, the Bronze Medal. You have been the editor of the newsletter of the Seattle Rhododendron Society for the past four years and have been highly successful in your efforts to keep this newsletter one of the best of all rhododendron societies in the United States. You have served for two years on the Board of the SRS and have contributed immensely to its success. In addition you have served four years as an ex-officio member during your tenure as newsletter editor. You have willingly donated your time and efforts as president of the Species Study Group, you have served as chairman of the Early Rhododendron Show and of the May Rhododendron Show for several years and have been an active participant and supporter of the Photography Study Group. You have most welcome and productive volunteer at Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens for many years. In addition to all of the above contributions you have been most generous with your time in presenting illustrated talks of your several trips to Sikkim and China to many Northwest rhododendron societies. You have also volunteered and been selected to be the co-chair of the 1999 American Rhododendron Society Convention. We gratefully thank you, Chip Muller, and hereby award you this Bronze Medal. April 1997.