JARS v51n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Mary Loop
Mary Loop, it is with great pleasure that the Cascade Chapter presents to you the award of the Bronze Medal. It is presented to you for your contribution to the chapter and its members as both chapter secretary and editor of the chapter newsletter. You have spent countless hours collecting and sorting information for final printing in our chapter's newsletter. This effort enables our members to be aware of activities within our chapter and to obtain information and ideas from other chapters. You have always been ready to open your garden for tours and your home to host meetings of the board. Your friendly attitude encourages others to participate in chapter activities and to share the joy of our gardens and our love of the rhododendron. June 1997.

Harold Dunkle
Harold Dunkle, you have provided a vital service to your chapter in these early start-up years. You have kept the members informed of the activities of the chapter, thus enabling the chapter to grow and prosper. You have never failed to give your best effort, even when it was difficult due to conflicting needs of your family. Harold Dunkle, it is with great pleasure and with honor that the Cascade Chapter presents to you its highest award, the American Rhododendron Society's Bronze Medal. June 1997.

June Sinclair
It is with great pride and appreciation that the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society awards to June Sinclair the Bronze Medal for her years of willing service and enthusiastic mentoring to our group. June, you never say no and you participate in every chapter activity. Your generosity of spirit is contagious and has contributed considerably to the growing membership of this chapter. You have planned and led many field trips and your gifts of plant material to the club and to individuals has contributed to all our gardens. As vice president and program chairman for many years, your associations with renowned and respected ARS members have benefited this chapter. You not only bring us interesting speakers, but host them as well. Your contributions nationally, and internationally have brought to our chapter recognition and respect. Your beautiful garden bespeaks your love and dedication to the species Rhododendron , which knowledge and material you so willingly share. With grateful recognition of your many contributions to the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the ARS, we are pleased to award to June Sinclair, this long overdue Bronze Medal. August 28, 1997.

Marilyn Gressman and Bud Gressman
The Pine Barrens Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal Award to both Marilyn Gressman and Bud Gressman in recognition of their years of service and continuous dedication to the chapter. As a team they have worked to better and grow the chapter with their tireless effort by being active members serving on various committees and on the Board of Directors. Bud has held the office of vice-president and president. In these offices he has personally spent endless hours planning programs and chapter events. Marilyn has always been available to help and provide both physical and mental support to her partner. The Pine Barrens Chapter's officers, Board of Directors and members wish to say thanks for a job well-done by awarding both of you with this distinguished award on 20 July 1997.

Bob Dickhout
The Rhododendron Society of Canada is honoured to present its first Bronze Medal to one of its most deserving members, Bob Dickhout. Over the years as treasurer and membership secretary of the Rhododendron Society of Canada, Bob has been the stabilizing force which enables the Society to function. In addition to his official duties, Bob has cheerfully organized lectures, plant sales, and other functions; and always has been there when needed. Indeed, Bob's contribution to the Rhododendron Society of Canada has been most outstanding, and we present this award with our grateful appreciation. August 19, 1997.

Mervyn S. Kessell
You have been a key facilitator in all manner of ways since the chapter was founded in the early 1980s. You have provided programmes on a range of topics, coordinated a number of workshops on propagation, provided help and advice in a practical way and taken the lead in bringing rhododendrons to a wider audience. You have served on the Board of Directors at chapter level, as vice-president and more recently as president. We value your experience and support in working behind the scenes as publishing coordinator for the chapter newsletter and the many hours spent heading up the Ardrishaig Team' that arranges its printing and distribution. You played a major role in ensuring the success of the 1996 ARS convention, as the committee member responsible for sponsorship, as chairman and speaker, and in the formulation of the delegate and tours database which handled a complex programme of activities. It is with great pleasure and appreciation that the directors present you with the Scottish Rhododendron Society's highest award, the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society. Given at Edinburgh this day 10th May, 1997.

Bob Grasing
The Willamette Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal citation in appreciation: for your quiet participation in chapter projects, for representing the Society and promotion of the genus Rhododendron at chapter, community and master garden shows and events, for your ever faithful volunteer work at the Smith Garden in ways too numerous to mention, this chapter is pleased and honored to present its highest award to Bob Grasing. For if there is work to be done you, Bob, are always there to help. Salem, Oregon, May 1997.