JARS v51n4 - Idea for a Christmas Gift or Early Spring Sale

Idea for a Christmas Gift or Early Spring Sale
Dr. Mark Konrad
Sewickley, PA

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While using plastic soft drink bottles for propagation purposes a number of interesting ideas surfaced.
One idea that became very intriguing was the presentation of small blooming plants within containers. When friends and visitors became mesmerized by the bloomers, the thought occurred to me about the possibility of using them for Christmas or early spring sales.
Since almost anything sells at Christmas time wrapped with a red ribbon, why not a rhododendron? And further, who could refuse when the weather was inclement?
It is quite easy to bring small budded plants to bloom at the right time. Certain qualities would be desirable such as hardiness. Small plants that bud early and flower easily would be real assets.
For starters, the easiest timing for these needs would be the lepidotes and evergreen azaleas. The humidity within the container allows for a long blooming period and easy follow-up maintenance until planting outdoors.
Simple directions can be attached to the ribbon. Non-blooming plants might also be highly prized as well.
In summary, a simple method has been suggested for creating Christmas gifts or early spring sales plants at a greatly accelerated rate.