JARS v51n4 - The Rhododendron Society of Canada Awards

The Rhododendron Society of Canada Awards

David N. Hinton
All through his life David has been a plantsman. His avid interest in rhododendrons has led him with his wife, Sandra, to create a rhododendron garden in Orno, Ontario, known as "Rhododendron Woods." This garden is open to the public to the benefit of many visitors. In spite of a cold climate in Orno, the garden is filled with unusual plants; many of these are from David's own seedlings. David, a former president of the Rhododendron Society of Canada, has always been a keen supporter of various seed exchanges, and, as a result, a number of David's plants are now in members' gardens. The Society takes great pride in presenting this award to David Hinton.

Marion Little
This award is presented to Marion Little in recognition of her outstanding service to the Rhododendron Society of Canada. She has always efficiently and cheerfully organized many plant sales and is deeply involved in growing plants for the ARS convention in 1998. Marion's knowledge of plants is considerable, and her contributions to the Society are much appreciated.

Carol Dancer
Carol Dancer has over many years, both on the East Coast and the West Coast, been an inspiration to many plants people. She was instrumental in establishing the rhododendron trial garden at Pine Grove in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Carol has written many articles for various plant journals; and her enthusiasm and energy have very much benefited the Society. It is with great pleasure that the Rhododendron Society is able to present this award with our gratitude.