JARS v54n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Richard H. White
The Cape Cod Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Richard H. White. As vice president and as president, Dick, you have tirelessly worked for the advancement of the chapter in many areas. You persistently enhanced the membership and influence of the chapter through your contacts with Master Gardeners, Heritage Plantation, and similar organizations. These efforts resulted in new members for the chapter and a strong roster of guest speakers. You aggressively pursued the acquisition of plants from several sources for the benefit of chapter members and for plant sales. You traveled many miles and flexed much muscle in these efforts. You advanced the efforts of the chapter by enlarging its garden tour program, by maintaining and promoting the Orleans Display Garden, and, with substantial help from Catherine, managed and presided over the chapter's business, its meetings, plant sales, and annual dinners. And you did these things with rare enthusiasm, unique energy, and consistent good humor. Your enthusiasm and love the of the chapter were infectious. Dick, we appreciate and are grateful for your long good service to the chapter. May it and your smile remain a part of the life of the chapter for a long, long time. December 1999.

R. A."Mitch" Mitchell
The Hawaii Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is proud to present the Bronze Medal Award to Mr. R. A. Mitchell, also known as Mitch Mitchell. He has worked continuously to bring his love of vireya rhododendrons to others creating what is now known as the"Hawaii Vireyaholic", District 5 of the American Rhododendron Society. Not limiting his contacts to Hawaii, the chapter also hosts associate members from across the world. Mitch has been essential to educating others about vireyas using many resources. His monthly newsletter "Viva Vireyas," bringing in speakers from around the world for our meetings, opening his home and garden, and sharing cuttings are just some of the ways Mitch has spread the word. He has been instrumental in developing growing vireyas in Hawaii from the home gardener to new commercial enterprises. He has led the way in expanding the awareness of vireyas from the home, to community plantings, to a year 2000 Vireya Seminar on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mr. R. A. Mitchell, alias Mitch Mitchell, there is not enough space or words to describe the many contributions you have made. We of the Hawaii Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society wish to express our appreciation for your tireless devotion; generous contributions of time, energy, and cuttings; and lastly, for the deep love of vireyas you have brought to all of us. In recognition of your services above and beyond the call of duty, we proudly present you with the ARS's Bronze Medal.

Charlotte Townsend
The Lewis County Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Charlotte Townsend. Charlotte has been an active member of the chapter since 1981. During this time she has faithfully helped with chapter activities including flower shows and the Rhododendron Garden at Borst Park. She serves as chapter librarian and is currently doing an excellent job, as she has for several years, as secretary-treasurer. She also thoughtfully sends birthday greetings, on behalf of the chapter, to all members. She is a member of the Arboretum Society and local garden clubs, in addition to her participation in the American Rhododendron Society. For all of this, which demonstrates her love of the beauty of flowers, especially rhododendrons, we honor her with the chapter's highest award. March 2, 2000.

Russ Parsons
The Mason-Dixon Chapter is honored to present the Bronze Medal to you, Russ Parsons, for the consistent and numerous contributions you have made to the chapter and the society. Russ, in addition to serving as chapter president, you have been generous with your time on many other chapter activities such as the annual flower shows and reviewing and revising the truss classifications. You are always there to help without asking, even though you live quite a distance from the general locale of the chapter. Selfishly, we are appreciative for your generosity In providing free, and often rare, plants for all occasions, be they for door prizes or our plant sales. Russ, it is a pleasure to recognize you with the ARS Bronze Medal. January 2000.

Barbara and Bill Rozel
Barbara and Bill Rozel have been a real asset to the North Island Rhododendron Society since joining several years ago. Their willingness to serve on the executive and assist on work parties have been greatly appreciated. Bill certainly extends himself in June and December when he designs and runs educational functions for the benefit of the membership. It is a pleasure to present you with the Bronze Medal, the Society's highest award, for your long-standing dedication of time and effort in support of the chapter's activities.

Steve McCulloch
In the years that you have been a member of this chapter, you have given generously and enthusiastically of your time, energy and organizational skills. You have contributed to the chapter as vice-president, president, and served on numerous committees. You have generously donated plants for our annual auction. You have strengthened our chapter by remaining actively involved and providing leadership. Our chapter has benefited from your extensive knowledge of plant propagation and culture through both scheduled programs and informal presentations. You have supported ARS conventions and conferences in various capacities and have contributed with distinction to the advancement of rhododendron propagation through commercial tissue culture, resulting in the wide release of new hybrids to the public. It is with great pride and admiration that the Olympia Chapter of the ARS recognizes you for your many years of service and your dedication to our chapter and to the goals of the American Rhododendron Society. Presented this 16th day of February, 2000.

Ross Merker
In the years that you have been a member of this chapter, you have given generously and enthusiastically of your time, energy and organizational skills. You have contributed to the chapter leadership as vice-president and president. Your leadership helped establish a prominent rhododendron display at the county fairgrounds and inaugurated the chapter's popular program of bus tours. You have strengthened the chapter by remaining actively involved and providing wisdom and leadership at important times in the life of the chapter. You have contributed to chapter activities by serving on various committees and work parties, and by leading the famous "Moss Patrol" for many years. You have generously shared your knowledge as a commercial grower and donated many plants for our raffles, door prizes and auctions. Presented this 16th day of February, 2000.

Dr. Herbert Hechenbleikner
The Piedmont Chapter of The American Rhododendron Society is delighted to present the Bronze Medal Award to Dr. Herbert Hechenbleikner, Professor of Biology, Emeritus, of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, for dedicated service to the local Chapter over a 30-year period, and for significant contributions to the fields of botany and horticulture. You were a leader in organizing the Piedmont Chapter, which was chartered in 1970, and serving in various administrative capacities for the next decade, nurturing the young organization in a region with scattered members and resources. This was during a period of pioneering work to attempt to grow rhododendrons in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. As a Professor of Biology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, you started the Van Landingham Glen as a garden of hybrid and native rhododendrons on a wooded slope on the young campus in 1966. This has grown into a 10-acre public garden complex that is unrivaled in the South for rhododendrons, deciduous azaleas, and native and exotic plants of all kinds. You influenced many students and laypersons during your teaching career by calling attention to the ways plants adapt to their environment, highlighting the diverse habitats and species across the two Carolinas. You promoted the wider use of such famous Carolina natives as the big leaf magnolia ( Magnolia macrophylla ), Carolina hemlock ( Tsuga caroliniana ) and the mid-western mossy-cup oak ( Quercus macrocarpa ). Mature specimens of these and many other landscape plants around the city of Charlotte will thrive for years to come as a tribute to your foresight. You were also the lone proponent of planting the hybrid Rhododendron 'Maxecat', first created by Gable by crossing our two large natives, Rhododendron maximum and R. catawbiense . This hybrid has proven to be very adaptable and disease-free in our southern climate. We also recognize your accomplishments of working with the city to landscape the early public schools, acting as chairman of the first tree commission that established our tree ordinances, giving advice to homeowners to better landscape their property, and educating citizens by teaching a variety of biology courses for over 30 years at UNC Charlotte. You have truly advanced the cause of growing and understanding rhododendrons and other landscape plants and have made the citizens of this region much richer by your words and deeds. We are hereby proud to confer upon you this Bronze Medal of The American Rhododendron Society, on the occasion of your 90th birthday, this 23rd day of September 1999.

Shirley and Gordon Barnes
The Whidbey Island Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is proud to recognize Shirley and Gordon Barnes for their enthusiastic contributions to the growth and well being of our chapter. Both Shirley and Gordon are willing volunteers for our plant sales, garden tours and at Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens. Shirley has served in many capacities: two 3-year terms as director, eight years as chair of the Yearbook Committee, three years as chair of Hospitality and one year in charge of our chapter garden tour. Gordon has served two years as vice president and program chairman. He has also been available to advise us on financial matters as needed. We are pleased to present our chapter's highest award, the Bronze Medal, in recognition of their continuing efforts.