JARS v55n1 - Announcement of ARS Research Grants

Announcement of ARS Research Grants
Dr. Benjamin D. Hall
Chairman, Research Committee
Seattle, Washington

Grants Awarded in 2000
The ARS Research Foundation awarded three grants in 2000. They are as follows:

1. Clarence Towe, $5,000, "Locating and propagating superior typical and atypical species selections of east coast deciduous azaleas in the Luteum subseries."

2. Mark Starrett, $3,909, "Use of an ericoid mycorrihizal fungus to improve rooting and acclimatization of difficult-to-root microshoots of select cultivars of Rhododendron."

3. Prof. David W. H. Rankin, $5,000, "Growth of rhododendrons on calcareous soils."