JARS v57n4 - In Memoriam: Elizabeth Ann Keene

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Ann Keene
Diane Thompson

After more than a year of failing health and a diagnosis of two aneurisms, Elizabeth Ann Keene passed away July 8, 2003. She was born on March 11, 1922, in Omaha, Nebraska. Elizabeth loved people and enjoyed an active social life all her years.
When she enlisted in the Coast Guard at the outset of World War II, Elizabeth disposed of all her unneeded clothing. She failed the final physical examination, however, because of poor eyesight. She then decided to go to the Boeing Company and win the war as "Rosy the Riveter." Boeing thought she was too genteel for that job, and they wanted to use her skills in the office areas - a position she reluctantly accepted.
When the war ended, she returned to college at the University of Washington where she met her soon to be husband, Hal. She put her college career on hold to support Hal through his last year and to take up the profession of "homemaking." Her life was centered within her church, with Hal and rearing their five children and with her many friends.
Elizabeth returned to the University of Washington and received her degree in psychology in 1976. She continued to volunteer with many organizations, raise their children, and camp with Hal in the Northwest. They began to tour the world, traveling to Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.
Elizabeth and Hal joined the Seattle Rhododendron Society and four years ago became our co-secretaries, our "two for the price of one." Between them they compiled the most complete minutes we have ever seen. This past June they were elected to a third term in office. Their home has always been open for our "extra" board meetings when necessary. We were treated to her hospitality and her wonderful carrot cake, the best ever. We looked to them, both, for their insightful comments during the last two years of difficult work on the board.
Elizabeth's special smile for all and her twinkling eyes will be very much missed by our board and chapter.