JARS v58n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Bob McKinney
Bob McKinney, it is with great pleasure that we, the board members of our Cascade Chapter, present you with the chapter's highest award, the Bronze Medal. Your outstanding service to the chapter and to the American Rhododendron Society is hereby declared in this award presentation. Bob, you have held the office of chapter president twice, and are now standing for your third term. You have served the chapter by being our representative to the Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens and leading the development of Meerkerk's propagation program. Bob, you have given your time and expertise in germinating rhododendrons from seed, showing how to design and build the required hardware, and then sharing the small seedling results with chapter members. Your talent was again called upon in the design and fabrication of the truss display racks for our chapter's flower shows. These display racks have made our show preparation much easier as well as keeping our trusses fully watered and in first class condition for the entire show period. Bob, you have actively promoted garden tours, opened your garden, presented programs, and participated in our chapter flower shows. In conclusion, participation such as yours is what makes a successful chapter.

Roger Dunlap
It is with sincere appreciation, that we in the Midwest Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society award our chapter's highest honor to Roger Dunlap for serving our chapter as president, vice-president, newsletter editor, purchaser of plants for our chapter plant sales and gracious host. Recognizing the contributions of time and energy that he has given and hoping that as he continues to serve our chapter and fulfills these and other duties, he will remember how truly grateful we are.

Anthony Greco
Due to his diligent and faithful pursuit of the goals of our organization, for his many years of personal and professional courtesy and contagious enthusiasm, and contributing his time, talents, experience in publishing The Rootball News, the best "newsletter" in the American Rhododendron Society, we, the members in the Midwest Chapter, proudly and gratefully present to Anthony Greco our highest chapter award. Thanks so much, Tony.

Don Law
On Sat., Jun 12, at the North Island Rhododendron Society annual potluck dinner Don Law was presented with the Bronze Medal, the Society's highest award. Don has been an active member for many years, and has always been more than willing to assist when requested. He has served on the Executive several times as treasure and has gained valued experience on the method of keeping us in the black. Don, the Society does appreciate your willingness to support. The citation on his certificate reads, "Thank for your support that you have given the Society over the years."

Paul Wurz
At the North Island Rhododendron Society annual potluck dinner, held on Sat., Jun 12, Paul Wurz was presented with the Society's highest award, the Bronze Medal. Paul has been very active serving on the Executive and has the running of the annual plant sale mastered. The Society does appreciate the extra effort you display when asked to serve; your knowledge on rhododendron propagation and growing is outstanding as is displayed by your garden. Your willingness to spend time with members, passing on do's and don'ts on the successful growing of rhododendrons is much appreciated.

Luurt Nieuwenhuis
For years you have provided outstanding service to the Portland Chapter, American Rhododendron Society. You have ably served as the chapter's vice president and as a member on the Board of Directors. You also stepped up and energized a new web site to keep chapter communication up-to-date with notices, photos, and other pertinent information. Your steadfast drive and leadership in organizing and chairing the Early Show has been greatly appreciated by our members. As a couple, you and Jeanette have often provided refreshments for volunteers at the Early Show. You have also done a great job coordinating and assisting with the Mother's Day show and modifying the classification schedule for this event. Your dedication and enthusiasm have contributed to the success of both these shows. For your exceptional service and major contributions, the Portland Chapter is proud to present the Bronze Medal to Luurt Nieuwenhuis. May 20, 2004.