JARS v59n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Dr. L. Clarence Towe
With pride and honor, the Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Dr. L. Clarence Towe in recognition for years of outstanding effort on the part of the chapter and the Society. Clarence Towe has explored the southeastern part of this country in the search of native rhododendrons in their native habitat. As one renowned horticulture educator has said, he "blazes the roads and trails seldom traveled." This work has resulted in the testing and selection of numerous outstanding cultivars for introduction to the commercial trade including several beautiful forms of species of native azaleas. His fieldwork has resulted in better information on the location range of different species of native azaleas. This work includes the study of other native plants and their adaptability for landscape purposes. He has documented this work in nine articles that have appeared in the Journal American Rhododendron Society and the book American Azaleas. In particular, his book provides "a thorough education on the classification, propagation, care and feeding of these delightful plants." His latest journal article "New Azalea Cultivars" appeared in the fall 2004 ARS Journal. Clarence has presented various programs at chapter meetings, donated plants for meeting attendees, served as judge at spring flower shows and served as keynote speaker at the 2002 annual convention. His literary effort brings honor to our chapter and enhances the work of his predecessor, former chapter member Fred Galle, author of Azaleas .

Joan Elizabeth Knight
The Rhododendron Society Of Connecticut is proud to bestow its highest honor, the Bronze Medal Award, to Joan Elizabeth Knight in recognition of her efforts in furthering the objectives of the chapter and the Society and for her willingness to participate and ably assist in all chapter activities. Soon after joining the chapter in January 1993, Joan was elected secretary and has continued to serve in that position with skill and dedication. She has been a contributing member of the Executive Committee for six years, also serving as secretary to that body. As official record keeper for the chapter truss shows, she has introduced many newcomers and long-term members as well, to the many benefits derived from participation. At chapter meetings and other activities, Joan is the first to welcome new members and guests and follow up with mailings of her first-class newsletter. Thanks, Joan. You are a real asset to this organization. April 23, 2004.

Franklin B. Pelurie
The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to Franklin B. Pelurie this Bronze Medal Award in recognition of his many contributions to our chapter over many years. He was chapter president from May 2001 to May 2003 and is now Alternate District 9 Director. He has planned meetings in Blacksburg and Roanoke, Virginia, and Bluefield, Elkins and Lewisburg, West Virginia. He has raised many seedlings and cuttings for the MAC Plants for Members program and for the Seedling Sales and for District and Regional ARS meetings. He is the webmaster for the MAC website and is primarily responsible for getting the site online. He has donated a collection of Glenn Dale Azaleas from the Glenn Dale project to the James Madison University Arboretum. He has contributed to West Virginia Master Gardeners programs as well. For this we present this Bronze Medal, our chapter's highest honor. Oct. 16, 2004.

Diane Thompson
The Seattle Rhododendron Society recognizes the outstanding service that you have given us. As president, chairing meetings of the Board was a cheerful obligation. In addition to the usual work of that office you have spent many, many hours guiding the separation process giving independence to the Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens. Your attention to detail is remarkable. You were active in promoting the annual rhododendron shows and all social activities. We thank you for opening your garden to us for summer picnics. Your sincere, smiling welcome to new members established warm and friendly feelings among all of us. Your enthusiasm has been contagious. The Seattle Rhododendron Society takes extreme pleasure in awarding you its Bronze Medal, its highest honor.

Dr. Joe Ronsley
Joe Ronsley has been a member of the Vancouver Rhododendron Society since 1978. He is a tireless worker on behalf of the chapter and the ARS. He has served the Society as president, past president, and nomination chair. In addition, Joe has been the program chair for eight years and has regularly brought distinguished guest speakers to the Vancouver Rhododendron Society from around the world. Joe and his charming wife, Joanne, travel the globe, never missing the opportunity to renew acquaintances or make new contacts, and always with an eye to finding international-calibre guest speakers. His many activities illustrate the enthusiasm he has shown for the genus Rhododendron . In recognition of his many contributions to the well-being of the Society, the awarding of the Bronze Medal, the highest award an American Rhododendron Society chapter can bestow, is a small token of the Vancouver Rhododendron Society's appreciation, and is richly deserved.


Don and Jan Allen
Don and Jan are "always there" for this chapter. They are there to help set up plant sales and truss shows; make slide presentations; pitch-in at Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens work parties; and provide cookies for our meetings. Don had served as president, vice-president, and director and is currently the Garden Tour chairman. Their combined knowledge of the genus Rhododendron is impressive, but their enthusiasm and willingness to share it is what this chapter is most grateful for. In grateful appreciation this chapter is pleased to award the Bronze Medal to Don and Jan Allen this 27th day of May, 2004.

MIDDLE ATLANTIC CHAPTER: Certificate of Appreciation
George Keen McLellan
The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to George Keen McLellan this Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his continuing leadership in the MAC Species Study Group and in particular for his planning and organization on its many tours persistently seeking out and photographing in their native habitats all of our eastern native azalea species, major hybrid swarms, and outstanding specimens. In addition George and his cohorts have made many follow-up trips to collect seed and to further document locations of select plants and areas. These trips have necessitated much time in planning, organizing, and driving great distances up and down the East Coast from the Atlantic coastline to the Allegheny, Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains and other locations in the Southeastern U.S. where native azaleas grow in the wild. We look forward to further adventures, reports, and photographs from George and our other involved members. Oct. 16, 2004.

John B. Buschmann
The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to John B. Buschmann this Award of Merit. John B. Buschmann has been an active member for many years, serving on the Board of Directors for many of those years, always willing to use his wisdom, experience, talents, abilities and resources for the benefit of our chapter. He was willing to use his truck to pick up and deliver member-donated plants from across the state to the MAC planting at Louis Ginter Botanical Garden. When we started to initiate interest in Rhododendron species, he broke the ice with a humorous narration of an ARS slide show on species. He initiated mini meetings with how-to demonstrations at his garden. He often made both practical and humorous comments and impromptu speeches at meetings, always making constructive points. He has been generous in hosting hospitality suites at meetings and in many other ways. His continuing warm fellowship will always be appreciated. We, therefore, present John Buschmann with this commemorative cup, the ARS Award of Merit, for his long-standing contributions to the chapter's growth and operations. Oct. 16, 2004.